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Jesus went to Bethany…A woman came into the house…She walked up to Jesus, and in a lavish gesture of devotion, she poured out the costly oil, and it cascaded over his head. Matthew 26:6-7

What type of greeting does Jesus receive when He enters your house? Does He find a heart that is cold and calloused? Or instead, does He find one that’s desperate, hungry, and filled with love?

Mary lived in extravagant devotion. She resided in Bethany, meaning “house of poverty,” speaking of her heart that was poor in spirit. The intensity of her devotion towards Jesus determined the intensity of her experience with Jesus. She gave Him the costliest worship He had ever received. Perfume worth a year’s wages was broken at His feet, with lovesick tears. This fragrance not only reached Jesus, but the house was filled too. When you have extravagant worship, private encounters become public outbreaks of glory!

Months ago, I was experiencing extreme anxiety and stress. As I looked deeper, I found my soul became busied by distractions. My walk with Jesus became casual, thus I reaped casual fruit. Fire always falls on sacrifice. When sacrifice leaves the altar of our hearts, fire goes with it. I needed to throw my heart on the altar again.

I began pursuing Jesus in ways that were costly. I began needing God as desperately as I needed air. Jesus is more interested in my transformation than He is my convenience. He’s not looking for those who are most gifted, but the ones who say “yes” most consistently. My yes for Him consumed me! As I began approaching Him with these terms, I felt His fire burn anxiousness from my heart. I was free, and you can be too!

Give Him your yes right now! Allow your heart to turn towards the Beautiful One! Give Him your costly devotion and re-discover the wonder of first love! May He make your heart a House of Bethany!

Prayer: Beautiful Jesus, I long for my heart to be a house where you feel welcomed enough to dwell. May my life not be one of visitation, but of habitation. Light-up my heart and teach me first-love again. In Jesus name, amen.

Tanner Delano