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They urged him to remain there and pleaded, “Stay with us.” He took bread…broke it, then gave it to them. Their eyes were opened and they realized it was Jesus! They looked at each other and said, “Why didn’t we recognize it was him? Didn’t our hearts burn with flames of holy passion while we walked beside him?”

I’ve learned the fire of God in my life is a responsibility, not a luxury. Jesus will always entrust us with the measure of His presence we will jealously guard. Taking this a step further, I believe He entrusts us with the measure of Himself we are willing to die for. Think about air. Air is something we desperately need to survive. If we spend a few moments without air, we will die. Yet, something we need so desperately comes so effortlessly! There is a place in Jesus where can effortlessly and naturally experience Him as we so effortlessly and naturally breathe air!

Look at the scripture above. The disciples had The One their hearts were longing for right beside them, yet they were dull to His presence and couldn’t recognize Him! How many times has Jesus been right beside me, yet I never took the time to glance in the direction of His beautiful face? As soon as Jesus fed them bread, is the moment they recognized Him, and remembered how their hearts once burned! The moment we taste the bread of His presence is when we awake from our slumbers, come to our senses, and realize the deep need for our cold hearts to burn again! One touch changes everything!

One day without Jesus does not merely give us a bad day, but it is death to our hearts. When we stop feasting on the Bread of Life is when we begin to die. Approaching Jesus with these terms moves us beyond casual Christianity, and into a new depth of romance, love, and passionate bliss! Beloved, feast on Jesus, awake from your slumber, and pursue Him as desperately as you pursue air! May we never ignore His wonderful presence when He’s right beside us- He is a consuming fire!


Prayer: Jesus, may my heart need you as I need air to breathe. I pray the breath of your presence would blow on the embers of my heart, allowing me to be set ablaze with love for you like never-before! In Jesus name, amen.

Tanner Delano