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“This is what Yahweh says: “The heavens are My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where is the house you will build for Me? Where is the place where I will rest? My hand made these things so they all belong to me,” declares Yahweh. “But there is one my eyes are drawn to: the humble one, the tender one, the trembling one who lives in awe of all I say.” Isaiah 66:1-2

God is seated high upon the heavens and looks down upon the earth. This Scripture really paints us a picture of how lofty and high He is—how completely sovereign He is. His eyes scan the activity of the whole world, searching for a place He can rest upon. There is a clear difference between a house and a resting place. He can always visit a house, but a resting place is somewhere where His glory dwells permanently.

So then, where would there be a suitable resting place for God? According to the passage, there is a place that His eyes are drawn to: a humble heart. Though He could build His own house in the heavens, His heart longs to dwell with those whose hearts are humble and lowly.

He makes His home among the broken and contrite ones. Our brokenness is what attracts His nearness. Psalm 34 tells us that The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and that He saves the crushed in spirit. Brokenness and crushing are never pretty to walk through. It’s messy and painful, but it is what He delights in. Even though it is costly, may we never resist or reject the honor of being broken and crushed—because it makes us a better resting place for Him.

PRAYER: Lord, find in me a resting place—a place where we can dwell together, day and night. Give me a heart that is humble, tender, and responsive before You.

Victoria Winters