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“He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Psalm 91:1

El Elyon – Most High, I am here in Your house. Such security and stability I feel. I am so safe, secure, covered, protected, and hidden when I abide in You. Your very shadow, Almighty God is all the protection I need. Here I will stay- under Your shadow all night, all day, in Your secret hiding place. In this hiding is where safety, steadiness and stability are mine, and where I am rescued, released, and set free!

The Your very presence brings me power, love, and a sound mind that causes fear to flee! You snatch me from the sight of perilous pestilence, and You cover me with Your feathers. I’m protected under Your wings.

By Your Sentinel Guardian Angel Truth, I am shielded from my enemies: Terror by Night, Arrow by Day, Walking Pestilence of Darkness, and Destruction of Noonday. These cannot come near- a thousand of them may fall at my side. Ten thousand of them may fall at my right hand, but they shall never come near me! Yes, I see them, however I also see their reward—DEFEAT and DESTRUCTION! They cannot withstand the strength and might of Power, Love, a Sound Mind and Your Sentinel Guardian Angel Truth. There is no evil that shall befall me because You, Yahweh—You Most High are my refuge, my dwelling place. I LIVE IN YOU!

Plagues, pestilence, curses, adversity, epidemics, trials, infections, pandemics, and afflictions all cannot come near my dwelling. My dwelling is in You Most High. It is in Your Secret Place where I am hidden in Your power and strength. Angels have charge over me. Angels preserve and keep me. Angels maintain me, hold on to me, and sustain me. Angels stay with me. Nothing can come near me to harm me. I have Angels all around me! Thank you for this beautiful truth my Savior and my God!

Prayer: Most High God, thank you for providing Your home where I am safe, secure, and well protected by Angels all around me. I choose to abide with You in Your Secret Place.

Sherry Woodworth